18 Ways to Kiss Your Payday Loan Lender Goodbye: A simple guide for getting out of your payday loans

“18 Proven Strategies for Getting Out of Your Payday Loan for the Price of a Coffee”

Are you in “payday loan hell?” Are you being bombarded daily by phone calls from payday loan collectors? 12 million U.S. consumers got a payday loan last year. 70{e9bdc5caad665051903427c5eabb388d12b87154202c138e947fdbb3badddb5c}+ were illegal. It’s likely you don’t have to pay them back their money.

Quality information shouldn’t be expensive. Debt relief companies love to charge exorbitant prices; knowing this prevents many average folks from getting out from under debt that’s ruining their lives. What you need (and what I provide) is a variety of detailed strategies — Each designed to help you solve your payday loan debt problem.

Are you a payday loan lender? Are your 1st time defaults off the charts? Allow me to teach you how to fund your payday loans legally so you can survive the challenges of online and brick-n-mortar lending.

Are you a payday loan collector? Are you trying to simply keep your job or make your monthly bonus? Let me show you how I’ve remained in the top 2{e9bdc5caad665051903427c5eabb388d12b87154202c138e947fdbb3badddb5c} of collectors in the payday loan space.

I’m Royal paine and I’ve been in the small dollar loan collections industry for 10+ years. I’ve worked for 3 of the largest payday loan companies in the world. I know every trick, scam and tactic borrowers, lenders and collectors employ to separate one another from their money.

I write books to make money by sharing my experience and knowledge. I’ve been attending payday loan industry conventions (FISCA, CFSA and OLA) since 2004. I’ve been trained by the best payday loan industry veterans in the industry. I’ve personally collected millions of dollars for my payday loan employers. What separates me from other authors is my ability to explain complex topics in a no-nonsense, straightforward manner. I don’t promise the world. But I do promise to deliver step-by-step strategies you can implement immediately.


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