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Payday Loans: Until debt do you part

35 pages Written by a former GM of two SLCs. Do Payday loans got you down? Do you understand what you’re signing? Are they really Predator Lenders or do the consumers sign up without reading the contract? This is an in depth handbook on how SLCs (Small Loan Companies) operate and what the consumer should…

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How to Run a Payday Loan Business: The Daily Grind

Learn how to run your payday loan business, from A to Z and make the money you deserve.If you ever dreamed of running a sucessful PAYDAY LOAN business but don’t know how —this book will help you achieve that dream.This valuable eBook is loaded with tips, strategies, and best practices you can rely on to…

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How to Overcome Financial Embarrassment

There’s no such thing as pride when you have to pay the rent. That’s the first thing I learned when I moved out on my own. This fact became painfully amplified when I started supporting my family. You start out having a safety net to fall back on that includes your parents, friends, or extended…

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