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Spending Equals Investing

You ever hear that saying “time is money”? It feels like I’ve personally heard it a thousand times from a thousand different people. Even though that phrase is overused and annoying sometimes, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. Another common phrase is “money makes the world go around”. Of course money isn’t the physical…

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The 8 Questions You Must Ask Before Working With Any Business Credit Building Company

There are few business credit building companies out there, however, those that are out there are taking advantage of the lack of knowledge from the general public regarding business credit and how to get a business loan. DON’T LET THEM RIP YOU OFF! I’m going to try to show how to get unlimited capital for…

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Loan Sharks – What You Need to Know

Loan sharking is the practice of lending money to desperate people at extremely high and illegal rates of interest. Loan sharks, or shylocks, make a big profit from people who can’t get loans from legitimate sources, such as banks or other lending institutions. For as long as people have needed money they don’t have, there…

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