Payday in a Nutshell

Ladies and gentlemen

we're going to start robbing a bank next, and probably killing a lot of people so it
's time to put on a scary mask!! PAYDAY2
Simply put , the least suspicious thing you do is the most suspicious Good morning, good morning, he has a pair of glasses !! Send the army here!! 10 robberies, 9.9 will happen I'm going to start drilling this safe set up rig stuck in rig repair rig stuck in X2 stuck in rig X3 after 900 After 10,000 ghosts hit the wall, everyone's first motive in the Titan Box is to fight nightclubs – Plan A (Sneak)

Pros and

Cons: No police, easy to carry all the packages and not be disturbed

Extra sneak reward

Want to rest at any time All at once.

Cons: Not really that plan B how nightclubs – Plan B (Rush)

Cons: You'll be ravaged by the following cops

Electric shock cops, shield cops, karate cops,
cops in blast suits, and many more general cops

very likely There is no way to get all the packages
and no extra rewards, sometimes you have to play an extra level to escape
(because of the choice of Rush ) LI: The superkill music made by the great SIMON VIKLUND puts you in a world with black magic Witch Doctor "Dallas" "
Open Daily
– Prophecy $10
– Voodoo Curse $100
– Necromancy $1000 By the time we found out, it was too late…

The disease had irreversibly affected his heart and other organs… Please Dallas Sir…
he's still so young… I'm willing to do anything you want…as long as you can bring our son back to life…In that case
I'd like to bring your son back to this world but you have to Keep one thing in mind…
he belongs to another world
I'm not responsible if something goes wrong NOW I'm going to revive the dead with a spell… GET THE FXCK UP POLICE
Simply meet STEVE, he's a man with a wonderful family and Patriotic American who served 10 years in the military and is now in the police force he hates violence and hates terrorists
he will do anything to uphold justice
(slideshow: never negotiate with terrorists) OMG JACKET: Hands up a man with a chicken head calling me to surrender I better forget all those years of training and throw away all morale and join them and start attacking my teammates Sneak
Simply you just saw it? An armed masked man is entering this building …isn't that suspicious…? Isn't he taunting us?
Should we sound the alarm? Yes, I know that's suspicious, but
There's nothing we can do because our vigilance is
n't full yet, I know it doesn't make sense,
but it's PAYDAY See?? STEVE seems to have been killed by him…

It's not suspicious until I see any bodies Make sure he's ok via the walkie-talkie and everything is fine ~ Just kidding~, it's me STEVE, it's all under control ok you [ __ ] stop joking, that's not suspicious at all?!
Even my 90-year-old grandma can tell it's fake etc. Is that a sports bag? Bring the army here. When the robbery is about to end, BAIN: DALLAS was taken by the police. CHAINS: Leave us alone and run away with the loot . It was Finn in 1967 who discovered the shrimp Ran's group of sailors, I don't know myself, this cold knowledge is really exciting.
ok thank you for pausing all the time, sorry for wasting your time, i'm ending this video.