Stock Loans

Hedge current portfolio positions and gain access to capital resources through loans
against free trading, aged affiliate or aged non-affiliate securities. Make proper use
of your assets while waiting for performance and hedge your position should the
asset move against you.

Whether you need to borrow cash for personal or business purposes, these loans
against stock can be funded in as few as five business days and are available to
insiders, affiliates and common shareholders of publicly traded companies on U.S.
exchanges, as well as other major foreign exchanges.

Big Board or Large Cap stockholders are usually elegible for high LTV’s while Small
to Mid-Cap stockholders can receive respectable LTV’s based on exchange, price
and liquidity. Furthermore, no expenses or upfront fees are charged for our loan

Stock Loan is a loan. It is not a sale. For most of our borrowers, a Stock Loan does
not trigger a capital gains tax event unless they default. And though the proceeds
cannot be put into any marginable securities, they are available for other types of
investments or purchases. Interest can accrue or be paid quarterly.

There are no margin calls. Enron stock investors with a Flagship Stock Loan would
have received 90% loan to value out of their investment – and been free to walk
away without a single margin or house call, even after the infamous fall in share

Yes, literally, walk away. These are “non-recourse” stock loans, so that if you wish,
you may simply walk away and owe not a penny more to us as lender, with no
negative consequence to your credit, forfeiting only the presumably devalued stock
shares. Why? We’ve written private hedges on every share. And though you may have
tax consequences in the event of default, you won’t have to repay your loan to us.

In the market? Out? Why not both?
So you want your stock investments to stay stock investments. You love your stock
picks. And they aren’t doing too badly, maybe have some great prospects next year
too. You rightly don’t want to sell (maybe capital gains taxes are looming?); you
don’t want to leave the market. But you need the cash. In… Out…Go…. Stay… What
to do?

Consider a Stock Loan for Your Stock Investment. Put a floor on your potential loss,
while keeping all of your potential gain. Stock Loan means you can do both. No
need to sell your shares if you’d rather leave them in the market working for you…
You can tap their value today ? safely ? so you can have the cash you require.
You’ll get 90% of the market value and no principle or interest payments, if you
choose to let interest accrue.

But… if the share price increases, that increase belongs entirely to you. The upside
(depending on the type of Stock Loan you choose) from the the stock portfolio is
thus yours. You stay in the market, and out, at the same time. The best of both

Source by Afra AmirSanjari